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Pandemic Planning

There is much controversy surrounding the need for a business continuity plan when it comes to pandemic and emergency planning.

What many companies do not understand is that they must ready themselves now for business interruptions, absenteeism, supply issues, and other consequences of a pandemic or emergency situation, such as flood, earthquake, or tornado.

It is the obligation of business leaders to perform due diligence and exercise due care in running their organizations.

When it comes to preparing businesses for pandemics, our consultants will work with you to understand your human resource and business concerns, and will assist you in developing a plan customized to your organization.

Business Continuity Toolkit – Pandemic Planning Focus:
The toolkit provides you with a finished pandemic plan once you have followed the instructions. Policies, Communications infection prevention and control policies and HR policies are included as generic policies. All the tools are included to conduct a gap analysis and plan. All you need to do is populate the template with your organizations information. You will need to enter staff, suppliers, contacts and complete the gap analysis and business planning tool.

The Templates alone comes with 2 hours of assistance via phone over a two month period.

Purchase your own Business Continuity Pandemic Planning Toolkit for $425.00 plus tax OR Fax order.