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Can you legally conduct your workplace investigations?

Professional, Efficient and Well Documented Workplace Violence & Harassment Investigations Completed by Qualified Private Investigators

As per the Human Resources Professional (HRPA) letter of March 17, 2015, they have stated that in order to conduct investigations under the PSISA regulations, you must have your Private Investigators License.

  • "The Act also states that any individual who acts as a private investigator or holds themselves out as a private investigator is liable to be guilty of an offence. The offence is described as an absolute liability offence, which means that intent to violate the Act is irrelevant. This makes charges more difficult to defend."
  • "By this analysis, HR professionals who perform workplace investigations as independent contractors should be licensed under the PSISA. HR professionals who practice HR as employees of an organization and whose work primarily focuses on such investigations should also be licensed. HR professionals who practice HR as employees of an organization but whose work does not primarily focus on investigations need not be licensed."

Be sure your investigator has undertaken the 40 hours of classroom training, completed the Ontario Ministry Investigator testing and has their investigators license or HRPA approval under the regulations to conduct the investigations. Beyond Rewards meets these requirements with our qualified staff members under HRPA Certification requirements of the PSISA by having a PI on staff who leads and conducts these investigations for you.

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