Beyond Rewards Inc.
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Small Business Assistance

Small Business Assistance: We will assist you with all your HR needs from hiring your first employee to policy development and Health & Safety in your workplace and more!

Hiring your First Employee - ask about our resource binders to assist you in registering, payroll, government legislation and more!

  • Payroll Administration - Facilitating all of your payroll needs,
  • HR Administration - Taking care of your HR administration,
  • Benefits Enrolment and Administration - Performing the Benefits enrolment and administration functions of your HR department
  • HR Advisory Services - HR legislation, employment and staffing situations and issues.
  • Consulting Services - Our consultants available to assist you in identifying and implementing the best solution for your organization. Our consulting services include HR Management Consulting; Legislative Compliance; Best Practice reviews and implementation; process and development of policies and management documentation; and Health & Safety in the workplace.

You can choose any or all of these components to create a customized solution that fits your current needs, while allowing the flexibility to add on modules as your requirements change, or your business grows.