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We are your HR Department. Onsite from 1/2 day to full days as per your needs.

How the program works:

  1. Retainer Clients are renewed automatically at the end of the contract period.
  2. Retainer fees are based on in house hourly rates (not onsite rates which are higher); decreasing in cost/per hour with increased volume of days/hours purchased
  3. Onsite fee of 50.00 - 250.00 per hour are normal rates varied by the position and service offered. For retainer clients they will pay the in-house rate for onsite (clients facility) and on special projects over and above the contract hours of the retainer fee.
  4. Travel rates: Hourly rate as per retainer contract rate schedule plus mileage at .525 cents per kilometer.
  5. Training rates for designing trainng programs and presenting are $250.00 per hour - standard industry rate is 250.00 (low end) to $500.00 per hour. Some exceptions apply!
  6. Consulting hours over the rates per week/month contracted will be billed at the appropriate billing rate - i.e. Paid for 2 days per week in your contract - one week consulting hours equal 5 days. You will be billed at the 5 days/week rate over and above the 2 days paid in advance for that week.
  7. Should the client consistently go over the retained hours paid in two consecutive quarterly periods, the contract will be reviewed and renegotiated at the increased hours and decreased hourly rate. If the need for the utilization of increased hours was due to needs that will not be ongoing in the future, then the contract will be reviewed and adjusted at the renewal period.
  8. Should the client have an excess in hours at the end of the contract period, if renewing for another six months or one year, useage will take president in contract renewal rates

Please find out what is included in the Retainer Fee Program

Please contact us at 519-821-7440 for more detail and Sign Up for the programs:

  • Administrative Support
  • Payroll Support
  • Intermediate Consultant
  • Intermediate to Senior Consultant
  • Senior Consultant