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Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments are detailed questionnaires that cover all areas of behavior such as; seatbelt use, tobacco use, alcohol use, frequency of exercise, family history of disease and illness, etc. This is a voluntary assessment that is usually done in conjunction with employee health testing for things like cholesterol and blood sugar screening.

After the scoring of the Health Risk Assessments, results are shared with employees along with suggestions for change. As the employer you will receive statistics that will show trends within your organization that you may want to address. For example, if there are a number of people with high blood pressure, as an organization you may consider an educational seminar, biweekly workplace blood pressure readings, and low-salt, low-fat selections in the cafeteria or snack machines as interventions to include in the Corporate Wellness Program. If the Health Risk Assessments show that there is a "trend" toward not wearing seatbelts, perhaps having the city police come in and give a presentation about what occurs in an accident when you do not have a seatbelt on would help to change some of this behavior.