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Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training begins with an understanding of your workplace through a facility audit of workplace practices, workplace hazards, equipment, safety rules, policies and procedures, programs, training procedures and programs as well as the culture of the workplace.

When should training take place?

  1. Orientation of new employee
  2. Introduction of New Equipment into the workplace
  3. Procedural Changes
  4. Annual Review

Mandatory Training:

  • Awareness Training for Supervisors and Employees
  • Certification Training for Health & Safety Committee - Currently the old standards are in place where the certification does not expire. This is changing effective March 1st, 2016 where Certified Members of the Health and Safety Committee will have to complete new training every 3 years. We are currently offering Certification Training under the old 2 day Cert 1 and 1 day Cert 2. To inquire about dates for these classes in January and February, please contact us early in the new year as classes are filling up quickly.

Some of Beyond Rewards Online Training Courses (these courses are not workplace specific):

For other online training programs visit, call to request custom training programs 519-821-7440