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Make sure you are compliant with Bill 168

Violence and Harassment in the Workplace? You have a yearly obligation under the Health and Safety Act to review your policies and program and train your staff. A re-assessment may be required if you have changes to the physical environment or have had an incident of violence or harassment in the workplace.

What does this mean for Ontario employers? Not complying with the new requirements could result in fines from the Ministry of Labour (MOL) of up to $500,000 for an organization, or up to $25,000 and/or jail time for an individual. Get a checklist on becoming compliant.

If you are unsure whether you are compliant with Bill 168, please contact Beyond Rewards and we can assist you. Contact Us.

Online Training and consultations:

  1. Bill 168 Legislative Requirements Online Course
  2. Conflict Management
  3. Bill 168 – Online Training for Employees and for Supervisors and Managers
  4. Custom Training Available – face-to-face; online and CD

Get more information and to register those workshops/consultation. Purchase UPDATED Bill 168 Toolkit Workplace Violence and Harassment.