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Ontario AODA
2015 AODA FACTS: Did you know? Visit

The Government of Ontario has publicly stated that they are pursuing enforcement action on organizations with 20+ employees that did not submit an accessibility compliance report for the Customer Service Standard that was due in 2014.

For small businesses with 1-49 Employees, contact the Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre to be a part of the no-cost AODA Small Business Assistance Program- be part to the change! (519-826-4701) or visit the website.

Contact us if you are not up to speed and we will quickly help you towards compliance.

More Detail

The following requirements are past due for 1+ employees:

  • Customer Service Standard
    • All requirements under the Customer Service Standard
  • Employment Standard
    • Workplace Emergency Response Information

The following requirements are past do for 50+ employees:

  • All requirements listed above
  • General Requirements
    • Accessibility Policies (Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation)
    • Multi-Year Plan
    • Self-Service Kiosks
  • Information and Communication
    • Accessible websites and web content

The following requirements are due in 2015:

  • General Requirements
    • Training on Company’s Accessibility Policies
  • Information and Communications
    • Feedback

The following requirements are due in 2016:

  • Employment Standard
    • Recruitment
    • Information for employees
    • Process to accommodate employees
  • Information and Communication Standard
    • Accessible formats and communication supports

Take our online AODA Train the Trainer course.

Upcoming Training:
Cert 1 Health and Safety Representative Training
Location: Guelph Business Enterprise Centre
Trainer: MoL Approved Trainer
March, May and June
March Fax Order
May Fax Order
June Fax Order
Cert 2 Health and Safety Representative Training
Location: Guelph Business Enterprise Centre
March, April, May and June
March Fax Order
April Fax Order
May Fax Order
June Fax Order
Tow Motor/Forklift Training
Online theory Or arrange face to face with practical all in one at 519-821-7440
Mixed Delivery Train the Trainer Certificate Course
This 3 day face to face Train the Trainer Course will provide you with the tools, skills and expertise to develop your own training, develop facilitation skills using adult learning techniques and facilitate with confidence your in-house training courses. On-site Available for 4+ Attendees
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Course Description
Call 519-821-7440 for more detail.
1 Day AODA Session
Location: Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre
January 30, 2015 and February 20, 2015

This one-day workshop will go over all aspects of the AODA such as how to write policies (Customer Service Policies and Integrated Accessibility Standard Regulation), how to train employees and creating an accessible culture in your organization.

Call 519-821-7440 for registration and detail information.
GHS (The Globally Harmonized System) - Description | Register
New Regulation and Resources:
OHSA Regulation Regulations Awareness Training Requirements (Past Due)
A new regulation Ontario Regulation 297/13 made September 11, 2013 and filed November 14th, 2013; will require health and safety awareness training for every worker and supervisor under OHSA. The regulation comes into force July 1, 2014. This will allow workplaces the time to meet compliance.

Beyond Rewards can provide customized workplace specific training for your workers and supervisors. Contact us for a quote today.

To complete the online MoL Training follow this link: Mandatory Training

ESA (Employment Standards Ontario) What Businesses Should Know
What (OHS) Sector do you fall under: Sector Trends
Watch this video from the Ministry of Labour on Workplace Violence & Harassment. Need help with your training or polices? Ask us how we can help!
New Assessments:
Psychometrics 360: provide 360 feedback
Wonderlic: measure of mental abilities